Devon School Open Days

a student in black coat holding a black board

Are you looking for information on Devon school open days? The last in our series of blogs on secondary school transition puts the dates all in one place so you don’t have to trawl through each and every school website for the information. […]

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Secondary School Transition

empty sports ground near school

Thinking about secondary school transition in Devon, Torbay or Plymouth? If your child is in Year 6, chances are you’ve started to think about the move and what it entails. The transition can be quite a tricky time for both parents and children to navigate, especially if it’s the first time you’ve encountered the paperwork. […]

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Applying to Secondary Schools in Devon

Surfing in Croyde, Devon

It can feel like a massive decision to make when you’re deciding your child’s future education. We’ve pulled together information on secondary schools in Devon to make that decision-making process a little lighter. […]

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World Book Day Costumes: 8 Easy, Make at Home Ideas

World Book Day Costumes Need a Book Theme

World Book Day costumes – love them or hate them, it’s that time of year again! The annual event to rival Paris fashion week. Invariably, schools like children to dress up as their favourite book character. Invariably, parents aim to outdo each other with the most inventive costume. Invariably, life gets in the way and […]

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Devon 11+ Tutor Sarah Explains Your Choices

Devon 11+ Tutor loves the countryside

Devon 11+ Tutor and Principal Partner at Next Steps Tutors, Sarah, explains your choices and routes to grammar school in the far South West. Devon, whilst blessed with some of the UK’s most beautiful beaches and moors, doesn’t come out so well when we look at our grammar school availability. In fact, the north of […]

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13 Ways To Plan A Revision Timetable You Can Be Proud Of

How to plan a revision timetable

Stop! Before you plan a revision timetable, read these tips on what to include (and what not to include). Make your study schedule really work for you. Google ‘revision timetable’ and you’ll be hit by over 204 billion results and a screenful of pretty printable timetables, but exactly which is the best way to plan […]

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KS2 SATs Information for Parents 2022: FAQ

Child completing Year 6 SATs paper

As of writing (January 2022), the government has the stated intention of ensuring that KS2 SATs will go ahead as planned. If this occurs, it will be the first time since 2019, when they took place in a pre-Covid world. Given this, it is understandable that many parents have questions about the process. Liz at […]

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Master Fractions in Year 5

How to Learn Fractions

Is your child learning to master fractions in Year 5? This month’s focus is around the stages of maths needed to understand fractions, concepts many children find the trickiest to grasp. Follow our hints and tips to kickstart learning fractions at home and get started with this difficult area of primary maths. Knowing Your Times […]

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Kid’s Lunchbox Help: Healthy Can Be Fun

children's packed lunchbox ideas

If you’ve got children at school who don’t eat school dinners, I’m willing to bet that the meal which causes you the most stress each day is their packed lunch!
Guest blogger Sarah Alder tell us her top tips for stress-free lunchboxes. […]

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