World Book Day Costumes: 8 Easy, Make at Home Ideas

World Book Day Costumes Need a Book Theme

World Book Day costumes – love them or hate them, it’s that time of year again! The annual event to rival Paris fashion week. Invariably, schools like children to dress up as their favourite book character. Invariably, parents aim to outdo each other with the most inventive costume. Invariably, life gets in the way and you end up telling your child just to wear their Spiderman t-shirt and jeans because they are the only clean items in their wardrobe!

Well, don’t fret any longer. Liz has put together her top ten World Book Day costumes that are not only effective, but easy for you and your child to create.

Gangsta Granny

The beauty of this outfit is that you probably have most of these items in the front of your wardrobe (or is it just me!). All you need is a long(ish) black skirt, some thick, pale tights, ideally that are a bit on the large side and wrinkly, a plain top, a large cardigan and some sensible shoes. To create ‘granny’ hair, rub in some talc (you could curl it if you are organised) and for a mask, if you don’t have any spare fabric lying around, use an old pair of tights with a couple of eye holes cut in them. If you have a sack, amazing, but don’t worry if not.

Mr Twit

The main thing about Mr Twit is his disgusting beard and messy hair. A beard can be made quite easily using a piece of cardboard (in the shape of a long beard). Pieces of brown wool, paper, tissue paper can then be added to it to provide texture for the hair. You can then add any other bit and pieces that you like to make it disgusting – a shrivelled crisp packet, a piece of bread, let your imagination run wild! For the rest of the outfit, keep to something plain – black trousers and top for example, but make sure that they are not too clean. See if you can find a spare paint pot and brush and label the paint ‘Hugtight Glue’.

Mr Bump

This is ideal for boys or girls of any age. All you need is blue trousers and a blue top. Then find some bandages and wrap them around their middle and their head. If you have blue face paint available, you can use that for face and hands.

Morrigan Crow

Morrigan Crow is a great World Book Day costume for those who aren't keen on fancy dress.

Although Morrigan Crow was cursed, you won’t be cursing if you decide on this outfit. All you need is a black dress and black boots. You can accessorise with a red hair band and a red umbrella. Simple.

The Dictionary

How about this for a bit different! To go as the dictionary, all you need is a plain white t-shirt. Use a marker pen to write down as many words and their definitions as you can all over the front and back of it. If you’ve got a spare pair of leggings or light-coloured trousers, you could do the same to them.

The Boy In The Dress

World Book Day costumes - The Boy In The Dress

Another easy one from David Walliams. All you need is to be a boy, wear a dress and hold a football. Don’t really need to say any more!

Bruce Bogtrotter

Bruce Bogtrotter - World Book Day costume ideas

Roald Dahl’s boy in ‘Matilda’ who out-eats the expectations of the Headteacher Miss Trunchball. If your child is a messy eater, all you need to do is dress them in a white top and let them eat chocolate cake for breakfast! The result should be that most of the cake is on the top and the face of your child! If they might need help being quite so messy, I am sure you can oblige!

Football Academy

Jake is desperate to become a footballer, but is he too short? Will he pass the trial? Tom Palmer’s Football Academy series have to be one of the easiest World Book Day costumes ever! All you need is a football kit – any club will do. You can accessorise with one of the books or a football.

So there you have it! Hopefully, my World Book Day costumes give you an idea for all tastes, shapes and sizes. And the beauty of each and every one of them is that you won’t have to get out the sewing machine, you’ll have a stress-free experience and most importantly, you will have a happy, comfortable and confident child.