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We are Liz and Sarah, two educators with over 36 years of experience. We support children in developing confidence and achieving their life goals.

Child centered learning

  • Modelling skills in small groups
  • Giving space to deepen understanding
  • Allowing time to practice in a supportive environment

Online tuition packages

We’ve created guided pathways and flexible modules, tailored to suit your child’s goals.


Confident children approach new ideas with a sense of discovery and adventure.


Resilient children keep going when they hit a problem. They look for alternative solutions.


Children who find a purpose in their learning work towards an outcome and pace their learning.

Online Tuition Packages

Confidence & Skills

  • Learn with your year group
  • Discover new skills
  • Deepen understanding
  • Maths and English modules
  • Small group learning

11+ Pathway

  • Maths modules
  • English modules
  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • GL and CEM
  • Small group learning

SATs Pathway

  • Year 6 English and maths
  • Reasoning
  • Using and applying skills
  • Targeted questioning
  • Small group learning

Flexible Modules

English Modules

Maths Modules

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Liz and Sarah have teamed up with trusted colleagues to offer you one to one tuition too. We’ve carefully chosen tutors with the same level of experience and training, and tutors who hold our same values of promoting confidence, resilience and purpose for your child. 

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