Online Games: March

Play our online games to improve your maths and English knowledge. When you're done add your name to the leaderboard. Come back every month for a new selection!

Challenge Your Equivalent Fractions Knowledge

Can you find the patterns in these equivalent fractions to match a pair? Remember, the ratio between the top (numerator) and the bottom (denominator) will be the same in equivalent fractions. Good luck! I picked some tough ones. Press start to play.

Are You a Vocabulary Whizz?

Can you find the words with the most similar meaning? (This kind of word is a synonym). Press start to play.

Check Out Your Spelling

How many of the Year 5/6 statutory spellings can you spot in our wordsearch puzzle? This is HAAAARD! If you can find them all you're pretty much a genius! Press start to find them.

More Games

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