Transformational Stories

Maths booster group

Student Engagement

K is a Year 8 pupil who had been finding school tricky and was recently excluded. When we met K they were struggling across core subjects, but also struggling with managing their behaviour. Our team put in place tuition for Maths, English, Science and Mentoring.

K rapidly improved in their engagement, learning to verbalise their needs and describe their feelings about a task. The 1:1 sessions gave them the individual support they needed. Equipped with new confidence, they’ve now made a successful start in a new school setting.

Partnering With Schools

Kilhampton Junior and Infant School asked us to support groups of Year 3 and 4 pupils with maths as part of their Covid recovery program. We supplied a tutor, who identified gaps in understanding for key objectives. Over 15 hours, these gaps were systematically addressed and the results speak for themselves – a 89% increase in knowledge of these key objectives and a 100% increase in confidence!

Year 5 Year 6 Booster Classes

Flexible Packages

Plymouth Virtual School wanted tutor support to help a Child In Care integrate into a new school setting. We quickly put in place a flexible package, working sometimes in the new school and sometimes in the home. Like most of our contracts, we require just 72 hours notice when the child is ready to move on.

Staying in the Know

J joined our student cohort because their school felt they could not meet J’s needs. We were able to create an individual tuition package around student interests (World War 2). What’s more, school requested that we work with their SENDCo to record observations and assessments, so that J could continue their path to an EHCP and an eventual SEND school placement.

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