One to One Tuition

Years 3 to 11

Who is it for: Year 3 to Year 11

Challenge Level: Supportive

Number of children: One

Learning Summary: Designed for children working at any level in primary or secondary schools who will benefit from intensive one to one support with a qualified tutor.

Next Start Date: Spaces available now

One to One Tuition


Let’s be honest, the pandemic hit our children hard. It’s normal for children to have gaps in their learning and it’s normal for children to lose confidence when that happens.

We’d like to give their confidence back.

At Next Steps Tutors we work specifically to your child’s needs and aims. Our tuition is:

  • personalised, planned for just them
  • delivered by an expert tutor
  • designed to build confidence

Our tutors are all qualified teachers AND qualified tutors. We’re trained not just in the UK curriculum but in building confidence and developing aspiration. Our aim is your aim: to unlock your child’s true potential.

We’d love to hear how you think we can support your child.

Year 5 Year 6 Booster Classes

What You'll Get

  • Complimentary meet & greet the tutor session
  • Initial diagnostic exploration of gaps, challenges & difficulties
  • Flexible one to one tuition slot, allowing for family holidays
  • Personal curriculum
  • Guidance on supporting your child’s journey at home
  • Google classroom access, your tutor on tap
  • Suggested homework activities and challenges
  • Access to fun, online games to improve recall
  • Half termly tutor catch-ups for parents on request, see how your child is progressing
  • Half termly newsletter with advice on extra activities

Additional Options

Next Steps offer additional options with our linked professionals.

  • One-to-one top-up tutoring sessions
  • Life skills coaching
  • Nutrition and eating advice
  • Interview techniques and practice
  • Mentoring
Maths booster group

Is this right for my child?

We classed this pathway as ‘Intensive’. 

This means that it is suitable for any child from Year 3 to Year 6 who has a particular objective to move their learning forward.  

After a careful diagnostic exploration of your child’s needs, our one to one tutor will cover relevant objectives from the Year 5 and Year 6 UK primary school curriculums. 

Our children on this pathway tend to be working at all national average levels. We feel that it is most suited to those children who want to make rapid progress in their learning.

When are the lessons?

Lessons are online via Zoom and take place weekly with breaks for holidays. Specifically, term times are:

2022 – 2023


12th September – 21st October

31st October – 16th December


3rd January – 10th February

20th February – 31st March


17th April – 26th May

5th June – 21st July

Additional Holiday Courses

23rd July – 1st September

Intensive Support

The last few years of education have been a momentous journey, yet here you are, still learning and still wanting to learn. You have been exceptional. There is no other generation that has had this level of disruption to their education.

But of course, inconsistency means that just about every child in similar sized shoes has gaps in their learning and that’s where Next Steps Tutors can step in and help.

When you decide on tuition with Next Steps Tutors, we like to get to know a little about you and your family & school situation in an informal Zoom call. Knowing your aspirations, difficulties and interests can help us find exactly the right  level of work for you and match you with the right tutor.

The interview is around 30-45 minutes. There’s no need to prepare in advance: we would like to meet you as you are everyday. That way we know we’ll place you in the ideal group to make optimal progress.

We’re committed to keeping your child safe online.

Liz, Sarah and all our tutors have:

A DBS check. Qualified Teacher Status. Safeguarding training. SEND training. Mental Health & Wellbeing training. Online Safety training.

Friendly & approachable
Same tutor each lesson

Qualified, experienced,
DBS checked teachers

Curriculum Based
Guided Pathways

Getting Started With One to One Tuition

If you don’t see the answer to our Frequently Asked Questions please ask!

Children can learn online from a tablet, laptop or desktop. We don’t recommend learning from a phone due to image size. The only software that your child will need to access is Zoom. If you are not familiar with Zoom we are happy to offer a complimentary 30 minute session to familiarise your child with the controls before your course starts. See our blog on tech for online learning to find the best resources for your budget.

All children learn at their own pace. Some will settle quickly and enthusiastically into their new style of learning whilst others might take some more time. 

There really is no one-size-fits-all approach. If you are concerned about your child’s progress, your tutor is on hand to discuss their learning.

Whether you choose group or one to one tuition, your child will be allocated their own slot within the week. As a result, we ask that missed lessons are paid for. However, our group tuition recording will be available in their classroom. We will always do our best to find a suitable time for a catch-up session where possible.

Payment Terms

Next Steps Tutors charges £40 per 50 minute lesson, which includes an optional private Google classroom and suitable homework tasks.

We store your credit card details on our system and automatically debit our fee a day after a completed lesson.

We are happy to make arrangements around family holidays when planned at least one month in advance.

We offer a no-quibbles cancelation within 14 days of payment, after which we ask for one month’s notice should you wish to cancel.


Learning in a group helps to develop confidence and deepens understanding


Resilient children keep going when they hit a problem. They know to look for alternative solutions.


Children who find a purpose in their learning work towards an outcome and pace their learning.

One to One Tuition Benefits

  • Most Rapid Progress
  • Flexible Tuition Plans
  • Work intensively to develop skills

Child centered learning

  • Core skills modelled by your tutor
  • Space for questioning & problem solving
  • Time for practice in a supportive environment

Tutor Assessed Learning

  • Learning targeted specifically for your child
  • In-depth Diagnostic Skill Check fast-tracks progress

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