Take the stress out of school transition

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What do you do when your child doesn't know anyone in their new class?

What if they are worried about bullying?

How can you get your child ready for a new school?

The end of the school year can be a worrying time for some young children.

Moving class or even school can mean a whole new set of routines, classmates and rules.

No wonder so many children become anxious!

You want their summer holidays to be a time to kick back and relax, not worry about what’s to come in September.

Liz has the answers in her Stress-Free Guide to School Transition.

Dr Liz Fancourt English Tutor Eleven Plus

Who is Liz?

Dr Liz Fancourt is a Principal Partner of Next Steps Tutors.

She has worked as an Assistant Head Teacher and Lead Teacher and taught children across all ages at primary school.

Her favourite year group is Year 6, and she has helped many, many children transition from primary to secondary school over her 20 years of teaching.




What's Inside?

Your free book has lots of ideas to help your child cope with the changes that come from moving year group or school.

At Next Steps Tutors, we think your child needs to feel settled in order to get the best from their learning.

Help your child to:

  • feel settled
  • face new challenges
  • be ready to learn

The Next Steps Tutors Vision

  • inspire confidence, the results will follow
  • build strong relationships with parents, education is a team pursuit
  • teach growth mindset thinking and face any challenge head on
  • hold high standards: be honest, be curious and be reflective

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