Barnstaple Tuition Courses

Year 6 English & Maths, starting January 2023


Our tutors aren’t just friendly and experienced – they’re qualified teachers with many years of Year 6 teaching, proven resources and oodles of tips and tricks to share.


Local classes take place in the swanky meeting rooms at Node, Barnstaple.

It’s a great convenient venue just off the link road at the Sainsbury’s roundabout.


At £25 per session, our group tuition is already a great affordable option. Combine both Maths and English sessions and save even more at £35 for both 50 minute classes.

Dates: Every Thursday, January 5th – February 9th

Time: 5:30 – 7:30pm

Venue: Node, Barnstaple, EX31 3YB

Take advantage of our fantastic BOTH CLASSES rate – Maths AND English for just £35.

Who Are Next Steps Tutors?

Next Steps Tutors is a small, local tuition agency founded by two local teachers, Liz and Sarah. 

We’re both passionate about learning. Both ready to make online tuition fun and engaging.

When we set up Next Steps Tutors, we had a vision of how education should be: friendly, appropriately paced and there to deliver confidence AND results. We want to give your child a voice where they can tell us their learning needs. We want your child to question us and to feel challenged. We want your child to grow in confidence and reach their goals.

And when your child outgrows us and they hop, skip and jump on their own? Well, they’ll have the next steps in lifelong learning and you’ll have a child who thrives.

Tutors Association Corporate Member

We're committed to keeping your child safe

Liz, Sarah and all our tutors have:

A DBS check. Safeguarding training. Tutors’ Association Membership. SEND training. Mental Health & Wellbeing training. Online Safety training.

Small Group

Friendly & approachable
Same tutor each lesson

Qualified, experienced,
DBS checked tutors

Curriculum Based
Guided Pathways

Our Barnstaple Classes

Venue: Node, Barnstaple

Dates: Every Thursday from 5th January to 9th February


Maths: 5.30 – 6:20pm

English 6:30 – 7:20pm

Why are parents choosing tuition?

Nationwide, parents are increasingly opting for tuition. Why?

Well, for a start we’ll all recognise the frequent interruption, changes and last minute work-arounds due to Covid. Missed school days, a change in teacher, doubling up classes in the hall, anxiety about changes – they all take their toll on our children’s learning.

Then there’s class sizes: in the average class of 32, your child will be lucky to get 2 minutes of real contact time in each lesson.

Add in the pressure from testing, keeping up with their peers, a squeezed curriculum and we reach a place where our children are sapped of confidence. In fact, the 2022 Good Childhood Report by The Children’s Society found that 1 in 7 children are unhappy with their school work and their abilities. That’s 3 or 4 children in every class!

At Next Steps we want to do our little part in remedying this. When you choose tuition with us you also choose:

  • the contact time your child needs
  • a tutor who will build a relationship and give back a sense of worth to your child
  • a tutor to answer your child’s questions
  •  a tutor trained in developing critical thinking
  • smart, directed praise to boost your child’s confidence
  • new thinking and a rekindled enthusiasm for independent learning
We believe that no child should fear learning or feel under-confident about themselves. If you think we could help you and your family, please give Liz or Sarah a call on 0330 460 4650. You’ll find that we’re flexible and adaptable and will find a solution that will work for you.