Maths Tuition Barnstaple: Year 6 Boosters

Maths tutor stands in classroom with year 6 children, Text introduces SATs tuition in Barnstaple
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Get your child secondary-ready in Maths!

Join our Year 6 Maths tuition in Barnstaple and build confidence in maths, for just £25 per session. These fun, hands-on face to face sessions start from Thursday January 5th at 5:30 – 6:20pm at Node, Barnstaple, EX31 3YB (on the Sainsbury’s roundabout).

Our lessons cover all the Year 6 Maths that your child needs to know and supports all their primary school learning, whether they need to consolidate or stretch their skills or build the confidence they need for SATs and secondary school.

Our booster sessions are taught by a trusted, experienced Year 6 teachers in a small group of up to 8 children. Topics include all the tricky maths that children need lots of practice in, including:

  • fractions, decimals and percentages
  • ratio and proportion, including scaling
  • coordinates, transformations and translations
  • long division, multiplication, addition, subtraction and BODMAS
  • converting weights and measures
  • Sequences and Algebra
  • Area, Perimeter and Volume
  • Angles and Shapes

Our course includes 50 minutes of weekly maths tuition, a maths workbook for your child to complete and use of all the resources they need to support learning. Our tutors use slides and presentations along with equipment and games to help your child consolidate their primary maths, giving them a firm foundation for secondary school and confidence to approach their summer SATs tests. This course is sold in one block of 6 lessons.

Want support in English too?

This course will be followed at 6:30pm by our Booster class for English. Between classes there will be a 10 minute brain break, including juice and biscuits. Buy both courses and get 2 sessions for £35 instead of £50.