Useful Resources for Maths Learning

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Place Value Chart

Place value charts help us to compare the value of each digit of a number and visualise multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 & 1,000. 

Conversion Charts

Ideal for supporting conversion within units of measurement: length, mass and capacity.

CPA Maths place value

Support understanding of what each digit in a number represents with place value cards

Key tools and methods for finding parts of a whole: fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio & proportion

learn to solve word problems

What's Inside?

Your free book includes a variety of familiar resources used daily in primary classrooms to support maths learning.

At Next Steps Tutors, we develop children’s understanding of number concepts by following the concrete-pictorial-abstract model.

Children with a deep understanding of maths through physical objects they can hold, and later through pictures, find working with abstract number concepts much easier, supporting their understanding right through to GCSE.


  • Place Value Chart
  • Multiplication Square
  • Hundred Square
  • Blank Number Lines
  • Conversion Charts
  • Fraction Wall
  • Dienes (Base 10)
  • Place Value Counters
  • Place Value Cards
  • Part Whole Models
  • Greater Than/ Less Than Symbols
  • BODMAS Poster
  • Blank Bar Models
  • Four Operation Vocab Poster

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