Tuition Where Your Child Thrives



As an experienced teacher, I can tell you no two children are the same, so why would you expect their tuition to be the same. You just wouldn’t, right?


Liz and I make sure each tuition session is tailored exactly around your child’s needs. And whether they work with us one to one or in a small group, your child will:

  • build confidence
  • learn to have a go, even in challenging situations
  • feel motivated and rewarded

That’s because our sessions are about more than learning facts and methods. Both Liz and I think building a supportive relationship where your child can ask questions, discuss their thinking and learn to challenge themselves is key to helping your child thrive.

And our tutees and parents agree!

“I’ve gone up from C stream into B stream this week!” M, Bideford
“Thank you for supporting P with her maths. She’s a different child now, so confident” S, High Bickington
“It has been his ‘my academic time’ and we can see the way he has grown in confidence as he continues to excel in maths in class.” F, Sheffield
“My step-daughter is flying with maths. She loves your sessions,” A, Gloucester

I’d love to chat with you and let you know exactly how our team can support your child. 

Get in touch.

Who Will Deliver My Child's Tuition?

We make teaching and learning the star of the show, so your child can grow in confidence with our tuition.

Expert Maths Tutor Sarah

Sarah Logan

Specialisms: Maths, Non-verbal Reasoning
and Coding, KS2 and KS3

Qualified teacher, DBS, Tutor Coach,
Level 3 Assessor in Teaching & Learning

Expert English Tutor Liz Fancourt

Dr Liz Fancourt

Specialisms: English, Spelling & Grammar,
Creative Writing KS2 and KS3

Qualified teacher, DBS, Tutor Coach,
Level 3 Assessor in Teaching & Learning

Roy Private Tutor

Roy Goddin

One to One tuition in Maths, English and
11+ Prep, KS2

Qualified Teacher, DBS, Qualified Tutor

What is Tuition Like With Next Steps?

Traditionally, tuition has taken place at local centres or the tutors house but it’s not that convenient to pack the family into the car then wait around whilst your child learns. 

Our tuition takes place online via Zoom, with the latest in remote learning technology making it easy for your child to focus and engage, all from the comfort of the kitchen table!

Our methodology means it’s easy for your child to annotate on screen, use the chat functions, discuss their thinking and get involved in group talk.

Your tuition package includes a Google Classroom with resources to support your child’s learning, a replay option for tuition sessions, half termly tutor catch-ups on request, half-termly newsletters and more…

Term Dates

2021 - 2022


13th September – 22nd October

1st November – 17th December


10th January – 18th February

28th February – 8th April


25th April – 27th May

6th June – 22nd July

Additional Holiday Courses

23rd July – 1st September 

2022 - 2023


12th September – 21st October

31st October – 16th December


3rd January – 10th February

20th February – 31st March


17th April – 26th May

5th June – 21st July

Additional Holiday Courses

23rd July – 1st September

Getting Started With Tuition

If you don’t see the answer to our Frequently Asked Questions please ask!

Straight after you sign up with us, we will send you an email with the links you need to access our knowledge organiser packs, printable resources, links to our games and curriculum guides including a pre-curriculum booklet (for group tuition). We will also invite you to a dedicated Google Classroom where you’ll be able to access replay videos of your lessons and optional homework tasks and challenges. 

Children can learn online from a tablet, laptop or desktop. We don’t recommend learning from a phone due to image size. The only software that your child will need to access is Zoom. If you are not familiar with Zoom we are happy to offer a complimentary 30 minute session to familiarise your child with the controls before your course starts. See our blog on tech for online learning to find the best resources for your budget.

All children learn at their own pace. Some will settle quickly and enthusiastically into their new style of learning whilst others might take some more time. 

There really is no one-size-fits-all approach. If you are concerned about your child’s progress, your tutor is on hand to discuss their learning.

Yes! Our one to one sessions are designed with your child in mind and are planned around their individual needs.

Whether you choose group or one to one tuition, your child will be allocated their own slot within the week. As a result, we ask that missed lessons are paid for. However, our group tuition recording will be available in their classroom. We will always do our best to find a suitable time for a catch-up session where possible.

Still have questions?

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