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 Guide To Moving Year Groups

Teachers' Tips On Dealing With Change And Uncertainty


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Don't Spend Summer Full Of Worry!

Children and parents often find this time of year fraught with the woes of changing class: leaving friends, teachers and familiar surroundings. Read our Tutors' Guide, Top Tips for a Smooth Year Group Or School Transition to help you and your children have a worry-free Summer break, ready for and excited about the new school year.

Written by Dr Elizabeth Fancourt, this guide explains the school transition processes, who to get in touch with and what to think about when things don't go to plan for your child.

Dr Fancourt started her teaching career in 2003 and has taught most primary year groups,  mainly in Key Stage 2 and particularly Year 6. Liz has been a designated Specialist Leader of Education for maths and leadership of the curriculum. In addition, she has been Lead Maths Teacher, Leading Science Professional and Assistant Head Teacher of two schools. Liz is now Principal Partner and Tutor with Next Steps Tutors.

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