What this course includes

Thank you for signing up to my 11+ parent course

I want to start by saying thank you for signing up to take this 11+ parent course, the First Steps in Eleven Plus Maths needed on your child’s 11+ journey.

I’m Sarah. As well as currently tutoring children through their 11+ exams, I’ve also been a primary school teacher for 19 years, teaching children from Reception right through to Year 6. As such, I’ve helped many children (almost 1,000) progress their skills in maths and supported parents with children sitting their 11+ exam.

This 11+ parent course centres on the skills that your child needs around the end of Year 3, start of Year 4 to do well with all they will need to know for the 11+. Many of the skills will have been taught in their first 3 years of primary school but you’ll find that I’ve added some skills that either push ahead into their Year 4 learning, or are only touched on in school and need further learning at home.

In the next few pages, you’ll find topics to address as well as guides to what will have been taught in school. I’ve also included a few ideas to get you started with assessing and supporting your child. There’s links, downloads, videos and resources that I’m sure you’ll find useful.

One final note, if your child doesn’t have all the skills listed please don’t worry. The reason this course starts at the end of Year 3/ start of Year 4 is that I wanted to give you PLENTY OF TIME with your child to develop the skills that they will need. Take your time and work through the topics in a no pressure, fun way with your child. I like to play car games, learn songs from You Tube, look at real life maths and solve puzzles much more than worksheets or books. I find children often learn more when the knowledge is light-hearted and fun.