Recognise & Use Ordinal Numbers

Usual Year Group Learning: 2+

Your child will probably have used ordinal numbers for every birthday they’ve ever had, races and for the date, but would they recognise the term, ‘ordinal number’ as first, second, third? Would they know how to abbreviate them to 1st, 2nd, 3rd…? And to order them?

It’s worth going over this with your child as the term does appear in the eleven plus (as well as other maths learning) and is expected knowledge.

Make this an activity to mix with a well-being activity too by going through family pictures and sorting them into age or dates. Your child could ‘bubble-write’ each ordinal number to create a photo journal or display too.

Essential Knowledge
  • Children should spell ordinal numbers in words to at least 20th
  • Abbreviations are st, nd, rd, th
  • When writing abbreviations the letters are usually displayed superscript
What to Ask Your Child
  • Where did you come in that race/ game?
  • Can you match these abbreviations to these numbers?
  • Can you put these ordinal number words in order?
Useful Resources