Making the most of this course

I’m certain you’ll want to get the most value from this course. Here’s some tips to get the most from it:

  • As much as I can, I’ve ordered the topics in order of their development. Try to do the course in the order listed. Assess and teach where your child is at as you go.
  • Grab a new notebook. Where you can jot down ideas and keep notes about your child’s needs.
  • Use your browser’s bookmark function to save the links that I give you – there’s some great games and resources you’ll want to use.
  • Take your time. The course isn’t designed to be finished in a day or even a week. You’ve got an account and can log in any time you want.
  • Record where your child is for each topic. I like to use a triangle tick to record progress. One line means I’ve taught it, two lines means my child has got it, three lines means they’ve mastered it.