You're Getting Closer To Stress-Free Learning 

You know there's more to life than homework battles, stressed children and complicated worksheets but you still want the best for your family and you're reaching for the stars...

So let me show you my path, where learning is fun and nurtures good family relationships. My home learning ideas are effortless and a great way to raise resilient, engaged children.

Because there's no greater way for your children to learn than when they are having family fun.

Sarah Logan is a Principal Partner of Next Step Tutors, an online tuition company based in the UK. She qualified as a primary school teacher in 2004 after completing her training throughout London. Sarah went on to lead ICT & Computing across schools and mentored both students and newly qualified teachers. She has been graded as Outstanding by Ofsted in school inspections.

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"As a busy working parent, these kinds of tips are just what you need: straightforward, quick and with no specialist equipment needed. I've found the maths ideas particularly useful and easy to slip into your daily routine. You've got to love the no-nagging approach!"


"Sarah offers a really great resource here for home educators. Many of us struggle to work out which bits of the curriculum are the key parts that our kids will need to know for future learning, which are indispensable parts in Maths and English particularly. This guide not only helps to narrow it down but also gives some great ideas for how to 'teach' these essential skills without the student even knowing. Best of all there's not a boring worksheet or yet another app in sight. Whether you're structured and looking for some fun ways to up the numbers and grammar game, or unschooling and wanting some great ways to incorporate learning into real life skills this is a fantastic read.

Lydia U.

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